Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Child Custody Battles and Allowing Your Child To Travel Outside Of The Country

                   The BEST Way to Prevent Child Abduction Is To Stop It.

Summer and International child abduction connected to child custody disputes are commonplace this time of year.

Parents involved in child custody litigation with a person who has strong ties to another country must be very concerned about allowing a child to travel abroad, particularly if they think there is a chance the other parent will not return the child to their home country.

Often, parents who are targeted for abduction think that their child is best protected from abduction when there is an agreement in place for the child to return if the other parent is granted travel.

Often the best agreements do not work because they do not take into consideration a wide range of abduction-related defenses a taking parent may use.

Additionally, there are times when a targeted parent consents to travel with their spouse or partner - not knowing that they are a target of abduction.  In essence, they travel with the child and other parent to another country. Once abroad, the other parent puts into action a plan to permanantly remove the child from the other parents life. Often the best efforts of a targeted parent fail.

International parental child abduction is complicated.

The Hague Convention offers civil remedies for children and parents of abduction. However, the process can be difficult at times and often does not work due to the complexities of law and the limited support a targeted parent may recieve litigating their case to reunite with their child.

The best way to prevent abduction is to stop international parental child abduction. 

The I CARE Foundation has created a unique International Travel Child Consent Form intended to assist ensure the child's return home should their be an abduction.

With a significant number of international child abductions that will occur this summer based upon wrongful detention of a child abroad, the I CARE Foundation's International Travel Child Consent Form may be one of the best tools available to assist parents and children at risk of abduction.

The travel consent form for the child must be signed and notarized by both parents.

Please visit the I CARE Foundation website to download a free copy of the International Travel Child Consent Form.

Parents involved in child custody disputes, separation or divorce must be proactive in protecting their children.  Being proactive is the best way to protect your child.

The I CARE Foundationwww.stopchildabduction.org